The Hemp Manifesto

The Hemp Manifesto

The potential of hemp

In this context, as the representative of hemp farmers, producers and traders, EIHA wants to highlight the huge potential of the European hemp sector in speeding up the transition towards a zero-emission bio-based and sustainable economy, in line with the European Green Deal. By virtue of its sustainable approach to economy and agriculture and its multiple applications as food and manufactured products, the hemp sector offers a promise of regeneration of rural areas. By repatriating manufacturing processes (textiles in particular) and fostering innovative value chains (construction materials, food production, cannabinoids extraction), the sector could deliver long-term sustainable growth and create highly skilled jobs across the EU rural economies. In short, combining locally sourced raw materials with global know-how.

Join the #hemprevolution.

With the handover of The Hemp Manifesto to the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen and other commissioners EIHA will contribute to the promotion of more sustainable and environmentally friendly products. We support this!

Download The Hemp Manifesto here.