1. CBD for animals: everything you need to know about the right choice and use.

    There is an incredible amount of information on the Internet about CBD oils for animals. We have bundled this excess of information for you and answer exactly the questions that every dog ​​owner, cat lover or enthusiastic horse fan has about CBD for four-legged friends. We explain what CBD for pets is all about,

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  2. Everything you need to know about taking CBD capsules and their effects

    You want to try CBD for the first time and not sure how to start? The vegan MEDIHEMP organic CBD capsules are the most practical and easiest way to integrate your daily dose of CBD into your daily routine.

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  3. Everything you need to know about CBG.

    You probably know CBD... but what about CBG? This phytocannabinoid is moving more and more into the spotlight. The also non-intoxicating cannabigerol (CBG) is a less common but very valuable cannabinoid of the hemp plant. It is now high time to get to know it!

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  4. Hemp Bread? We will bake it.

    You love the fragrance of fresh bread? Your mouth starts watering when you think of biting into that crunchy crust and the soft, juicy interior? Ours too! That’s why we have created a bread recipe that combines our organically certified hemp foods with the age-old tradition of baking bread. In this recipe...

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  5. Smoked Trout with plums and caramelized chicory

    Does your mouth water while reading? No wonder! Because this new and never before published recipe by star restaurateur and TV chef Haya Molcho from NENI combines a delicate spread with our...

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  6. Quinoa Lentil Mujaddara with Caramelised Fried Onions

    This quinoa and lentil mujaddara with caramelized roasted onions was created in our collaboration with NENI and the star restaurateur and TV chef Haya Molcho in the course of her new cookbook “Wien by NENI”.

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  7. Golden milk recipe: MEDIHEMP Organic Hatcha Latte Turmeric

    Do you know the feeling? Some days you just cannot decide! Should you have a Hatcha Latte or is turmeric latte, also known as golden milk, the better choice? Thanks to our MEDIHEMP Organic Hatcha Latte Turmeric you don't have to decide! We have combined the best of both worlds, the aroma of Hatcha Latte with the warming spices of a turmeric latte. Genius, right?

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  8. Everything you need to know...

    ...about consuming CBD oil.

    Questions often arise about the application and use of CBD oils. Due to the broad spectrum of effects, the interest in cannabidiol is constantly increasing amount the population. In this blog post we deal with the following questions:

    • For which purpose do I use CBD oils?
    • How do I consume CBD oils?
    • How many drops of CBD oil should I take?
    • For whom are CBD hemp extracts suitable?
    • Which CBD products does Deep Nature Project offer?
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  9. What exactly is CBD (cannabidiol)?

    CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of many active ingredients that can be extracted from the hemp plant. CBD is not psychoactive nor intoxicating and is considered an approved natural remedy that has been used for thousands of years. Due to the vast potential of CBD, which can also be used for medical products and which is being researched by scientific studiers, the interest in CBD has increased steadily in recent years.

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  10. Hemp Nuts: The Regional Superfood.

    Since these days more and more people give preference to ecologically and sustainably produced food, the word "superfoods" has been on everyone's lips for quite a while. But what exactly are superfoods? We use the term superfood for the kind of food that can give the body certain nutrients, active ingredients or vital substances in higher quantities and thereby provide a greater health benefit. Superfoods are some of the most nutrient-rich and effective foods a person can eat. These foods should be as natural as possible - ideally they are organically grown.

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