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Deep Nature Project creates pure, natural products that are beneficial to humans, and help us to stay active and healthy. For more inner strength and enjoyment of life. 

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Sailing in deepnature winds

Sailing in deepnature winds

»We sailors live with the elements of nature and are therefore we are also interested in finding a connection to nature outside of our sport,« say Tom Zajac and Barbara Matz, this year's winners of Kiel Week. »We see it as an obligation to support our Burgenland athletes«, Managing Director Andrea Bamacher is convinced and congratulated the sports duo personally during a visit to the company headquarters. The next stop for the sailing globetrotters is Japan. Organic hemp products are also bought and appreciated there by the way.

Agricultural experts on info visit

Agricultural experts on info visit

Not only do we value the highest quality and organic standards in our products, but also our contracting partners in the agriculture live the deepnature-thought with the cultivation of hemp.

Reason enough for representatives of the Burgenland Chamber of Agriculture and Raiffeisen-warehouses to make their way to Gols for an on-site glimpse: »A plant with a bright future«, the excursion participants agreed on this hot summer day.

Managing Director Andrea Bamacher (centre) personally guided the delegation through the company and finished off by explained the plant, its special features and also the cultivation method directly on the hemp field.

Free shipping from € 50.- order value

Free shipping from € 50.- order value

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The deepnature concept

To benefit Sustainably from the Endless Powers of Nature – in Harmony with Nature, to Return Humans to Better Health, Greater Consciousness, Inner Peace, and Connectedness.


From cultivation to the finished product, our production processes are sustainable and organic. We process the whole plant, from the shives to the leaves – nothing is wasted. Everything is controlled, certified organic and made in Austria.


When it comes to product development, we cooperate closely with international partners in medicine and nutritional science. This allows us to ensure that the active ingredients in our plants develop to the highest possible level of quality.


It takes more than good resources to make good products. It also takes people, such as our employees and partners, who are also committed to the deepnature concept and want to participate in the Deep Nature Project.