1. Deep Nature Project Pop Up Shop

    Don't miss the opportunity and visit our Pop Up Shop in the PADO Shopping Galleries in Parndorf. Discover all our products of the brands MEDIHEMP, VETRIHEMP and Algavital. We will be there until the end of December. Our expert staff will be happy to assist you with your choice and advise you . 
    We are looking forward to seeing you in Parndorf!

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  2. Hemp Nuts: The Regional Superfood.

    Since these days more and more people give preference to ecologically and sustainably produced food, the word "superfoods" has been on everyone's lips for quite a while. But what exactly are superfoods? We use the term superfood for the kind of food that can give the body certain nutrients, active ingredients or vital substances in higher quantities and thereby provide a greater health benefit. Superfoods are some of the most nutrient-rich and effective foods a person can eat. These foods should be as natural as possible - ideally they are organically grown.

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  3. The Hemp Manifesto

    Hemp has a huge potential to create a greener and more sustainable economy. With this in mind the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) published The Hemp Manifesto. It delivers precise and sustainable solutions for nutritious food, environmentally friendly non-food products, clean air and soils. Moreover, it represents an interesting crop from an economic point of view: in a mature hemp value chain, withadapted varieties and the possibility to harvest the whole plant (flowers/seeds, leaves and stalks), the economic benefits for farmers and the environment would be undeniable.

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  4. A goal for hemp

    MEDIHEMP is also conquering the football world: for the first time in the history of domestic football there is a cooperation between the Deep Nature Project and the Bundesliga team SK RAPID. »Our hemp products are the ideal dietary supplement for athletes«, says CEO Andrea Bamacher...

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  5. Agricultural experts on info visit

    Not only do we value the highest quality and organic standards in our products, but also our contracting partners in the agriculture live the deepnature-thought with the cultivation of hemp.

    Reason enough for representatives of the Burgenland Chamber of Agriculture and ...

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