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MEDIHEMP Organic Mushroom & Hemp

For the first time, MEDIHEMP combines two high-quality active ingredients, vital mushrooms, and hemp, which help the body to restore its balance in a natural way. The combination of vital mushrooms and hemp is unique.

Vital mushrooms such as Reishi, Cordyceps, or Hericium have been used in TCM for over 2000 years. Hildegard von Bingen and Ötzi also recognized and used the vitalizing power of medicinal mushrooms early on. Because vital mushrooms are quite simply superfoods. Their broad nutrient spectrum of vitamins, proteins, amino acids, minerals, and trace elements is convincing.

Vital mushrooms contain two very special ingredients: polysaccharides and triterpenes.  They bring us back into balance. Or even better: help us to stay in balance.

With organic mushroom & hemp capsules and extracts, MEDIHEMP offers high-quality products for versatile applications.

For an ideal effect, combine the intake of MEDIHEMP Organic Mushroom & HATCHA® Capsules and MEDIHEMP Organic Mushroom Extracts & Hemp.

Our MEDIHEMP Organic Mushroom & Hemp products contain only natural and organic ingredients and can therefore be ideally absorbed by the body. For more zest for life & well-being.



Enjoy our HEMP HERO SET or WELLNESS-SET and save 20 %.



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MEDIHEMP Organic Mushroom & HATCHA® Capsules

For MEDIHEMP Organic Mushroom & HATCHA® Capsules we use high-quality mushroom extract powder combined with HATCHA®. The unique MEDIHEMP ingredient, made from finely ground hemp leaves, contains the best of the hemp plant. With 30% polysaccharides, the concentrated mushroom extract stands for the highest quality and purity.

What is special about polysaccharides?

By far the most important group of active ingredients in the medically significant mushroom polysaccharide compounds are beta-glucans. These can develop a strong immunizing effect and are largely responsible for the balancing effect in the organism.

Vital mushrooms in combination with HATCHA® can thus unfold their optimal spectrum of action and provide more well-being and balance.

MEDIHEMP Organic Mushroom Extracts & Hemp

Our unique MEDIHEMP organic mushroom extracts & hemp are produced directly by us in Gols, in Austria. Our specially developed, gentle extraction method enables us to get the best out of the vital mushrooms. The precious, highly concentrated mushroom extract forms the basis, together with the best cedar nut oil from Atlas and Himalayan cedars.

Cedar nut oil is one of the most valuable oils and increases the bioavailability of the mushroom ingredients. Added to this are the antioxidant astaxanthin, responsible for the eye-catching reddish color, and vitamin E. Together they act as a protective shield. Together they act as a protective shield for free radicals. The high content of vitamin E covers 30% of the daily requirement of a healthy adult and helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress. Our 100% pure organic hemp oil rounds off the unique recipe. The taste is spicy-tart.

Our extracts contain only organic ingredients and can therefore be ideally absorbed by the body.

Discover our 5 mushrooms - MEDIHEMP Organic Mushroom & Hemp products are available in 5 different varieties with versatile applications.

Our quality standard

Our Certifications

We are only satisfied once we fully meet our high quality standards. This is not only validated by our internal quality management and our own laboratory. We also regularly submit to external independent test bodies. Because only when checked and certified our organic hemp extracts and organic hemp food are send out to you. And even though we are already thinking about how we can become even better, we are very proud that our quality standards have been awarded 6 times.

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