• More Hemp-Power for your pets

    For the health of your four-legged friends

    Did you know that our pet line VETRIHEMP has many fans?
    The advantage of our organic CBD mouth care oils for dogs, cats & horses is clear.
    For stress, lack of appetite and signs of aging, such as osteoarthritis, CBD can help improve the quality of life of our pets.

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  • Hemp = Wellness

    The positive effects of the hemp plant have been known since time immemorial. Hemp not only has a positive effect on mood, but is also known for its lasting effect on the body.

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  • Recipe: Carrot cake with Hatcha®-Creme

    Looking for a tasty recipe for Easter?

    We have just the thing for you. Our carrot cake with Hatcha®Creme.

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  • Smashed Potatoes with Hemp-Chimichurri
    Smashed Potatoes with Hemp-Chimichurri

    You can get the perfect smashed potatoes with this recipe from the oven. Because they come with a delicious hemp chimichurri on your plate!


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  • Crispy baked broccoli with MEDIHEMP organic hemp nuts
    Crispy baked broccoli with MEDIHEMP organic hemp nuts

    Broccoli is boring? Not with us! With this recipe, you can make a delicious dish out of a vegetable that often doesn't inspire a storm of enthusiasm. Not only is tube-baked broccoli super crunchy and healthy, but it will soon be a weekly staple on your menu. As a vegetable side dish for Sunday dinner, it's incredibly good, and even as a tasty solo performer on your plate, crispy tube-baked broccoli will make your taste buds dance.

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