Mood? Feeling Good.

Mood? Feeling Good.

The dark winter days are hard on the mind. There is a lack of light so the sleep hormone melatonin is released day and night. People often feel tired and listless.

Just as nature shows us, this time of year is actually meant for resting before the blooming season begins again. But in our society, a winter break is an absolute no-go. No Problem! We don't want to sleep through the whole winter anyway. 😉


That's why we have best tips for you to fight the "winter blues":

  • TAKE A WALK IN NATURE: Fresh air is energizing, activating the body and revives your spirits.
  • SPORT (e.g. jogging, cycling, Nordic walking): Regular exercise releases happiness hormones and increases your well-being.
  • YOGA: There are many different types of yoga to bring your body, mind and feelings back into balance. You can also combine it with meditation and breathing exercises. That's why there's an extra point for yoga. And because we're big fans. 😊
  • LAUGHING MEDITATION: Laughter not only lifts the mood it also has an liberating effect.
  • MUSIC: Singing, dancing or simply listening to music makes you happy. Try it and maybe even create your own "good mood" playlist.
  • ANIMALS: Stroking a cat and listening to its gentle purring, watching a dog play or when it happily sticks its nose in the snow, spending time with your horse and so on. Animals really are humans best friend. 💗
  • NUTRITION & VITAMINS: A balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids and sufficient vitamins (especially B + D) also supports a cheerful mood.
  • COLOURS & FRAGRANCES: Bring activating colors such as yellow and orange into your life (clothes, curtains, carpets, dog blankets) and indulge your senses with invigorating fragrances, e.g. lemon, lemongrass, or jasmine.


And last but not least, we would like to introduce you to a special mood enhancer – our CBG mouth spray with exquisite organic hemp seed oil, passion flower and Griffonia extract, vitamin E and peppermint flavouring.


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