Always those New Year's resolutions

Always those New Year's resolutions

Every year we make good resolutions, but most of them are not kept for long. Some do a few more days of sports, others eat healthier for two weeks or start a new hobby – at the latest until everyday life returns.


What are the most common New Year's resolutions?

Surveys reveal similar resolutions. The order varies slightly depending on the year and country. The most popular are: Save money, do more sports, eat healthier, lose weight, spend more time with family and friends, reduce costs, do more for the environment, etc.


But why do we break our resolutions so easily?

We are quick to say that we want to lose weight or stop smoking, but we often lack the necessary willpower and commitment. In most cases, we also take on too much and quickly lose focus. Other reasons include unrealistic goals, high expectations of ourselves and a lack of motivation, discipline and confidence.

There is even a biological explanation for addictions. The insula in the cerebrum plays an important role in controlling the desire for a cigarette, for example. If the exchange of the insula with other movement centers in the body is missing because the connections are not (sufficiently) linked, quitting becomes more difficult.

If only we were as good at implementing and enforcing as we are at finding reasons or excuses.


The good news is: "Anyone can do it!"

  • Write down all your resolutions and wishes. Which of them do YOU really want? Sometimes, for example, you don't want to lose weight yourself, but think your boyfriend or girlfriend does.
  • Quality over quantity, so only choose as many as you can realistically achieve.
  • Formulate your resolutions very specifically and positively.
  • Set yourself small sub-goals so that the big goal doesn't become too overwhelming.
  • Find people who will support you.
  • Train your motivation and willpower with the help of targeted exercises, e.g. visualization, mindfulness training.
  • Reward yourself in between with something you enjoy.
  • Don't let bad days discourage you and stay tuned.
  • Stop making excuses and get started right away!


We wish you a good start to 2024 and every success in realizing your wishes and goals. As the saying goes, "new year, new luck!" 🍀


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