• Mood? Feeling Good.
    Mood? Feeling Good.

    The dark winter days are hard on the mind. There is a lack of light so the sleep hormone melatonin is released day and night. People often feel tired and listless.

    Just as nature shows us, this time of year is actually meant for resting before the blooming season begins again. But in our society, a winter break is an absolute no-go. No Problem! We don't want to sleep through the whole winter anyway. Read more »

  • Always those New Year's resolutions
    Always those New Year's resolutions

    Every year we make good resolutions, but most of them are not kept for long. Some do a few more days of sports, others eat healthier for two weeks or start a new hobby – at the latest until everyday life returns.

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  • More Hemp-Power for your pets

    For the health of your four-legged friends

    Did you know that our pet line VETRIHEMP has many fans?
    The advantage of our organic CBD mouth care oils for dogs, cats & horses is clear.
    For stress, lack of appetite and signs of aging, such as osteoarthritis, CBD can help improve the quality of life of our pets.

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  • Hemp = Wellness

    The positive effects of the hemp plant have been known since time immemorial. Hemp not only has a positive effect on mood, but is also known for its lasting effect on the body.

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  • Recipe: Carrot cake with Hatcha®-Creme

    Looking for a tasty recipe for Easter?

    We have just the thing for you. Our carrot cake with Hatcha®Creme.

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