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Gentle cold-pressed from unshelled hemp seeds.
For more well-being and vitality.

100% natural – allergen free – vegan
Organic quality product from Austria

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Organic Hemp Nut Oil as a vegetable enhancement for nutrition and skincare.

Our oils are cold-pressed after carefully husking the hemp nuts. All the precious ingredients are preserved due to the gentle processing. Organic Hemp Nut Oil is one of the highest quality cooking oils there is due to its optimal fatty acid profile. The essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 exist in an ideal ratio of 1:3. Hemp Nut Oil also contains gamma linolenic acid, which occurs very rarely in foodstuffs. Other ingredients are vitamins, especially vitamin E, a plethora of minerals and chlorophyll.

Our Organic Hemp Nut Oil tastes mild and nutty and is perfect for refining lots of meals.
Our tip: Hemp Nut Oil is a healthy alternative to fish and fish oil capsules. Ideal for people who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Hemp Nut Oil has the following health effects *:
-    Supports the cardiovascular system
-    Regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels
-    Boosts the immune system
-    Promotes an attractive, healthy complexion

The special ingredients of the oil can also develop well when applied externally. For this reason, the oil enjoys great popularity in skincare products and as an additive for cosmetics.  

* The health-related information of the products relates to Article 13, HCR (EFSA submitted botanicals list).

 Nutrition information per 100 g
energy: 900kcal/3700 kJ
fat: 100 g
from that: saturated fat:  10 g
monounsaturated fatty acids  13 g
polyunsaturated fatty acids: 77 g
Omega-3 fatty acid:  21 g
of gamma-linolenic acid: 2,8 g
carbohydrates: 0 g
sugar: 0 g
protein: 0 g
salt: 0 g

Use: To refine cold and hot meals, not suitable for frying or baking. Goes well with salads, pasta, meat dishes, cheese, cereals and sweet ice-cream and chocolate creations.

Storage: Store well closed, dry and protected from heat. Protect from direct sunlight.

Appearance/consistency: green-yellow, olive green/ liquid (oily)
Odour / taste: grassy aroma/ tangy, nutty flavour

Beste before date: 12 months from date packaged

Quality attributes: gluten free, vegan, allergen free, without genmodification acc. to EC-Bio-Regulation, unfiltered, unrefined

Note: This product is subject to natural fluctuations, sediment or cloudiness are natural.

Certificate: Certified organic according to AT-BIO-301