Golden milk recipe: MEDIHEMP Organic Hatcha Latte Turmeric

Golden milk recipe: MEDIHEMP Organic Hatcha Latte Turmeric

Do you know the feeling? Some days you just cannot decide! Should you have a Hatcha Latte or is turmeric latte, also known as golden milk, the better choice? Thanks to our MEDIHEMP Organic Hatcha Latte Turmeric you don't have to decide! We have combined the best of both worlds, the aroma of Hatcha Latte with the warming spices of a turmeric latte. Genius, right?

Now you are wondering what our Organic Hatcha Latte Turmeric is made of? Easy to explain: We have spiced up our Hatcha Latte, which is made from organically certified and finely ground hemp leaves, with a mixture of warming turmeric, ginger (which increases the immune system), tasty vanilla, precious pepper and charming cinnamon. Now MEDIHEMP Organic Hatcha Latte Turmeric puts some variety into your cup and takes your senses on a trip to India!

Turmeric – the warming spice of the Ayurvedic cuisine

Knowledge about the special ingredient turmeric is as old as the Ayurvedic teachings themselves and it is difficult to imagine the Ayurvedic cuisine without the super tuber. In its Asian place of origin, though, the aromatic ginger plant is not only valued for its taste. There is another reason for the popularity of the golden-yellow root: it is said to be anti-inflammatory, warming and cleansing. This is mostly due to the component curcumin, which gives turmeric its lush, yellow colour and is full of nutrients, antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Hatcha Latte Turmeric – the trendy beverage

Hatcha Latte Turmeric – our green golden milk is the perfect drink for the cold season. The fine spiciness of turmeric provides the shiny green-golden beverage with a nicely warming effect, makes it taste pleasantly stimulating and by adding honey, concentrated agave juice or other sweeteners, you can give it a cosy, sweet taste. Especially in the cold season we build on warmth from the inside. Since currently health is the highest commodity, this is a very easy way of doing something nice for your body and increasing your well-being.

Preparation Hatcha Latte Turmeric

The warming hot drink, which, needless to say, is vegan and organically certified as well, can be enjoyed in the morning as well as in the afternoon and is the perfect alternative for everybody who is looking for a stimulating beverage without caffeine. The Hatcha Latte turmeric is always good to go, most of all because it is so easy to prepare.

It is easy and quick:
For the perfect Hatcha Latte turmeric stir 1 teaspoon into 150 ml hot (plant) milk.
If you prefer it sweeter, you can just refine the beverage with honey, concentrated agave juice or another sweetener. The fragrance of finely ground hemp leaves, turmeric, cinnamon and vanilla makes the sun rise in your cup. Of course, you can also place a decorative bonnet of milk foam on your MEDIHEMP Organic Hatcha Latte.

In addition to the MEDIHEMP Organic Hatcha Latte Turmeric, we also offer the varieties Organic Hatcha Latte Pure and Organic Hatcha Latte Berry in our online shop. Try them all!


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