Hemp Nuts: The Regional Superfood.

Hemp Nuts: The Regional Superfood.

When people hear the term "superfoods" they often think of exotic foods that have been around half the world until they finally end up on our plates. That does not have to be the case, though. Superfoods can also be cultivated locally and in no way need to have travelled far to deserve the title. In fact, one of these regional, organically certified and sustainably grown foods are our MEDIHEMP Hemp Nuts.

Home-grown superfood: hemp nuts!

Hemp is one of the oldest agricultural crops on earth and a many-faceted food. Hemp nuts, for instance, are rich in valuable ingredients and not only taste excellent but are also highly beneficial for our health. We at Deep Nature Project produce sustainably and organically and process the whole plant, from the shives to the leaves. From nutritious hemp nuts we produce high-quality organic hemp food. In addition to a high concentration of protein and the fact that they contain all essential amino acids, the high content in unsaturated fatty acids, the presence of gamma linolenic acid as well as the fibre, mineral and vitamin content make hemp nuts a real superfood.

Hemp nuts - THE plant-based protein source

MEDIHEMP Hemp Nuts contain large amounts of high-grade, easily digestible protein: 26 grams of protein per 100 grams. We also find all eight essential amino acids - which the human body needs but cannot produce itself - in foods with hemp nuts. No other plant provides the amino acids in such an easily digestible form. Therefore, including hemp nuts in your diet can be useful - it provides your body with protein and all important amino acids. For a vegetarian or vegan diet, hemp nuts are an optimal source of protein. The same is true for physically active people and athletes: hemp protein powder, which is made from hemp nuts, is an ideal choice for post-workout-shakes or smoothies.

Hemp nuts as a nutrient package.

One characteristic of hemp nuts is their very high nutrient density, which is why they are perfectly suited for a modern, healthy cuisine. Vitamins like vitamin E, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), trace elements like zinc, minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium and secondary plant components like phenols and terpenes make this tiny little grain into a superfood which can compete with exotic superfoods that had to travel long distances to get here.

Full of unsaturated fatty acids

The hemp nuts, which our hemp oil is made from, contain many healthy fats as well. The essential omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids can only be found in hemp nut oil in the ratio of 3:1 - which is the ideal ratio for the human metabolism. Hemp nut oil is free from cholesterol and essential for a healthy diet.

You can use hemp in the kitchen like this

Hemp nuts

We offer MEDIHEMP Hemp Nuts that are grown on our fields through controlled organic agriculture. The slightly nutty taste gives them their name. You can use hemp nuts for the following dishes:

- spread them over salads, muesli, pasta, smoothie bowls or over avocado toast
- as a healthy extra in smoothies and shakes
- when you are baking bread and other baked goods as an ingredient or as a topping
- simply for nibbling
- for pestos
- in soups
- in spicy dips
- in hemp cookies
- they can be made into hemp milk as well

Hemp oil

MEDIHEMP Organic Hemp Oil and MEDIHEMP Organic Hemp Oil+ Plus, the cooking oils in our product range, have a pleasantly fresh fragrance and a nutty taste. The carefully peeled hemp nuts are pressed gently and perfectly suitable for improving

- salads
- potatoes
- vegetables
- spreads
- soups
- sweet dishes

Hemp protein

Our MEDIHEMP Organic Hemp Protein is crammed with plant protein and has a mild, nutty taste. For chocolate lovers there is also a variant with cocoa flavour and for those who like it fruitier a variant with berry flavour. With milk or a plant alternative the hemp protein becomes a real SuperHempFood. Be creative! There are no limits to how you can use it:

- mix the protein into your smoothie
- mix it into your cake dough
- try it with yoghurt
- enjoy puddings with it
- try it in porridge
- improve pancakes